Sellers come in many forms.  You have homes that are occupied by the owner/seller, corporate owned homes, vacant homes where the seller has already moved, bank owned homes, estate sales and many other types of sellers.

The most typical seller owns the home personally they are selling and they are looking to make a change.  It is important that every seller finds a real estate agent or team that matches their needs.  Marketing and communication top the list as what is most important to sellers and with good reason.

The task of a seller finding the right real estate professional to represent them can be overwhelming.  It is recommended that a seller find an agent that has experience, resources and aggressive marketing.

It is also extremely important that a seller finds an agent that they are comfortable communicating with.  It is an important relationship, teamwork in a sense that helps to sell a home for top dollar in the timeframe as ideal as possible to the seller. Communication and understanding is crucial.  Interview a realtor or realtors you may be considering and ask them questions to be sure they are the best match for you.