Investments come in many different shapes and sizes.  An investor may be interested in commercial properties, multifamily properties and single family homes.  Each of these types of properties also offers a variety of options.  Some investors are simply looking to make a purchase and renovate the property to resell it for a profit while others are looking to acquire properties to rent or lease to tenants of one type or another.

Commercial investments in of themselves can be buildings that may appeal to businesses for rent or purchase such as a strip mall or free standing building that could occupy one or more businesses.  One example could be a building that would later be occupied by a hair salon, insurance company, pharmacy, vet clinic, medical center or anything you could imagine.  Uses are often determined by zoning and locations appealing to the business needs.  Other commercial buildings are larger multifamily buildings such as large apartment complexes.  It is important for investors to clearly assess the expenses they would expect to maintain the property verses the income they could realistically be expecting.  Only the investor can decide if the anticipated cash flow is enough to make it profitable.

Residential homes, Duplexes and smaller apartments can fall under another classification.  Again it is important for the investor to evaluate the overhead and income they may expect to generate.

Both of the categories can offer opportunity to purchase and repair or improve the property and resell it to a new end user.  This is loosely termed as flipping a property.  There can be guidelines as to how long it must be held before it is resold.

These opportunities can be found in the marketplace with properties simply listed on the MLS for sale, Bank Owned Properties, Foreclosures, Distressed Homes, and Estates Sales are also possible matches for investors.

Our team often has properties they are aware of that are not yet on the market.  Having a Realtor that has great connections and is in tune with what an investor is looking for is ideal.