Foreclosures and HUDS

Foreclosure homes and bank-owned properties can come in many forms. HUDS are one type of foreclosure properties. These can be great opportunities for owner-occupied homes or investment properties. We have expert agents to help navigate the processes involved in determining if these homes are a good match for buyers.

Most often these homes can need work

Some homes may have minimal needs and others can need very extensive repairs. There are lending programs available to incorporate repair expenses, and we can advise a buyer as to the steps to take to explore those options. A buyer should be very cautious and explore the level of repairs or damage that may exist. It is especially important to know if the home has went through a winter without power. When the power restores, plumbing issues and water damage may occur. These homes can still have value but the buyer needs to be aware of the implications.

Owner-occupied purchase vs. investor purchase

Many foreclosures also have a time frame the lender requires that offers the home for owner-occupied purchases first. During that elimination period, investors are not eligible to purchase the home. This regulation has very severe legal implications for the buyer and agent if the agent does not properly represent the buyer. Once the time frame has lapsed without an owner-occupied accepted offer, it is opened to investors to purchase the property. Be aware that some properties never reach that status.

Many foreclosures do not lend themselves to lending at all. Some foreclosures have major issues that will not pass a bank appraisal. Private investors or cash buyers may be the only parties that can purchase some of these properties. Again, having an expert in this field to assist you can save a great deal of wasted effort.

Price of foreclosures

The benefits to the reduced listing prices can sometimes outweigh the risk, but only an informed buyer can determine if that is the case.

Many foreclosure properties sell for a far higher price than the list price offered. These properties are deemed by buyers to have such appeal that they are willing to offer much more.

For more information on foreclosures, we can match you with one of our experts.